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redbtn "Thank you for writing such a helpful guide to writing essays."
Kim Bowker – University of Technology, Sydney

redbtn "My daughter is going to start an undergraduate degree in September. Your books are excellent preparation for more academic writing and study skills."
Mrs Christine Trowell – West Sussex

redbtn "Hi Roy – Your answer is really thorough and I have learned as a writer because of your response."
Ada – in Connecticut

redbtn "Thank you – very much appreciated. I’m now able to view the publication which looks fantastic value for money. I am also very grateful indeed for your speedy assistance in dealing with my problem. Kind regards and good luck with all your publications."
Karl Hannay

redbtn "I do enjoy your Newsletter – it is easy to read, succinct and interesting."
Geoff Paterson – Australia

redbtn "As a mature OU student attempting an Honours degree in Literature, I was delighted when I saw a link to Mantex on one of the forums. I have now set Mantex on my favourites bar and have just seen the November edition of the newsletter. This is only the second Mantex newsletter I’ve seen but have enjoyed them both immensely, for which, a very big thank you."
Anne Cleave – Open University

redbtn "I love your monthly newsletter, and almost always put aside all other tasks to read it when it lands in my inbox"
Stephen Wellings – Director, Wordhouse, Reading (UK)

redbtn “My favourite part of each Newsletter is the Pub quiz; usually interesting, challenging, relevant and a useful source of general knowledge.”
Dick Hardwick – Befordshire (UK)

redbtn “I am really glad the newsletter is back. I missed the informative wit, erudite tips, and easy links to fascinating facts.”
Anat Jaffe – Galilee, Israel

redbtn “Thanks for your newsletter. I enjoy your commentaries and insights tremendously. You have given me information on books which I have purchased and enjoyed.”
Cheryl Jackson – Colorado, USA

redbtn “I find your web site extremely interesting and your newsletter is always fun and fascinating too. It is no surprise to me as I had the privilege and pleasure of being in a group at an Open University Summer school some years ago that was taught by Roy Johnson – an inspiring and erudite tutor! Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next newsletter. Yours until Hell freezes over,
Henry Hubball – Birmingham UK

redbtn “Mantex is a great newsletter that provides brief informative blurbs with
brain-nudging quizzes and facts. A fun read.”
Tara Calishain – ResearchBuzz

redbtn “I have been on your mailing list for some time and I find your newsletter very informative. Keep up the good work.”
Cheryl Sickel – Calgary: Canada

redbtn “Thanks for getting back to me… Your newsletter just increased the value of its reputation by the way that you handled this.”
Kenneth Silvera – Boston, USA

redbtn “I just want you to know that this has to be the nicest software company I have ever dealt with. Thank you again for all your help.”
Pamela Earl – Naples: Florida

redbtn “Thankyou, and just in case you were wondering, I thought your site was great and have added it to my favourites list. I think the resources are very useful!”
Laura Ward – Open University student

redbtn “Happy holidays and thank you for all the joy you bring in your newsletter. I look forward to more wisdom from you in 2004.”
Mary Rose Betton

redbtn “Just a note to say thank you for the Mantex Newsletters over the years. They have invariably proved useful!”
Professor James Hartley – Keele University

redbtn “I really enjoy your newsletter. I find it both humorous and educational. Thank you for the obvious time and effort you put in to keep it interesting.”
Jennifer Holland

redbtn “I wish to thank you and say congratulations for the English Language program. I am a 52yr old science graduate, and I find the content extremely useful and stimulating.”
Adrian Meredith

redbtn “I like the book reviews you have on the Mantex website”
Jakob Nielsen – Nielsen Norman Group

redbtn “Thanks for the regular information and entertainment – I always look forward to my Mantex Newsletter!”
Sue Burnett – University of Glamorgan

redbtn “I must say your guidance note on plagiarism is a really excellent piece of work, and indeed the Mantex site in general is astonishingly useful. I will recommend it to my students!”
Chris Suggs — Institut de Management, Europe-Asie

redbtn “Just like to acknowledge the quality of your newsletter. I get lots, but
yours scores way ahead for lack of jargon, easy reading, relevance, subject matter and click—throughs for further info. Keep it up.”
Yvonne O’Donovan — Inspiral.org Ltd

redbtn “I have been a newsletter subscriber for a couple of years now and remain impressed by the resources you are continually updating.”
Centre for Continuing Education — University of Paisley

redbtn “I want to commend your efforts in putting your wonderful free e-book together, as it has tremendously assisted me – in particular getting through some ‘knotty’ areas in writing. It has served a great purpose which I believe other colleagues will also appreciate.”
Dr A.S.Bamire — Obafemi Awolowo University

redbtn “A friend gave me a tip about www.mantex.co.uk — WHAT a treasure trove! I just want to see and keep every single page on this web-site!”
David Kettlewell — www.new-renaissance.net

redbtn “You helped me with some questions about a synopsis I needed to do,
and just what a ‘hard copy’ was. I was very appreciative of your help. I just wanted to let you know that my book Liar Liar will be for sale in the stores in about three weeks. You really did help me out when I had any questions.”
Sandra Michael — author

redbtn “MANTEX has to be one of the finest writing resources available on the net today. Fast, easy access and very informative. Definitely a high quality writing resource site.”
Mark London — Freelance Writers Organisation

redbtn “I appreciated your workshop very much. You answered some of the questions that have been bugging me for a long time.”
J.E.Robinson — Hull University

redbtn “Thanks for the Study Skills and Marking Essays books — received OK and very useful!”
Stephen Ginns — Anglia Polytechnic University

redbtn “Your newsletter is great! The articles that you link to are useful and, as someone who teaches writing skills for a living, it’s always nice to see what else is going on.”
Dr. S. Hutchinson — York University

redbtn “I have recently downloaded your demonstration material, and I was impressed by its easiness to read on-line, and by the content, which I found to be both simple to understand, and profound in meaning.”
Pamela Parseley — TAFE Tasmania

redbtn “Congrats on producing a consistently interesting and welcome newsletter. Every one contains something irresistibly tempting.”
Bob Hughes — Dust or Magic

redbtn “I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your newsletter and continue to enjoy it. I find it full of useful information, very informative and also entertaining.Some of the books that I’ve purchased were the results of your book reviews. Keep up the great work!”
Nada Zeljkovic — Zeljkovic Design & Consulting Canada

redbtn “A great site from Manchester, whose aim is to provide resources for learning, writing and business. There are objective book reviews, free resource materials for students, even a complete guide to essay writing. Free downloads of demo learning software are available, as well as the full versions for sale. Well worth many a visit.”
Tony Rogers — www.bikwil.zip.com.au

redbtn “One of the best places to start is the Mantex site … not only do they have a wide range of study skills, they have free downloadable study guides”
Muir Houston — University of Paisley

redbtn “I think Mantex and its features is superb. The links are marvellous and have helped me with my studies.”
Polly Goerres — Open University

redbtn “As a customer of yours I’ve decided to let you know that I’m very pleased with your HelpDisk!, English Language, and Study Skills software. I also enjoy reading your newsletter and looking at your web site.”
Roger Graham — Manchester

redbtn “I thought you might like to know how very pleased I am with the programmes I have purchased from you. They are proving very helpful in my studies. Also congratulations on an informative and well presented website. Thank you.”
Philippa Dozin — Open University

redbtn “For a niche site, you have done a beautiful job.”
Eytan Rubinstein — BOOM! Enterprises

redbtn “May I take this opportunity once again to thank you for the wonderful
Yateendra Joshi — New Delhi

redbtn “I enjoyed looking round the Mantex website – I especially appreciated the
clarity of the design, and the focus on guidance and study skills.”
Joe Boulter — Oxford University

redbtn “Thanks for posting your book reviews on the lists. I read them and find them useful. I just purchased Jakob Nielson’s book Designing Web Usability thanks to one of your reviews.”
Pat Moore — Univ. of Arkansas at Little Rock

redbtn “I continue to find your newsletter interesting, helpful and written and presented with admirable clarity.”
Dennis Newson — University of Osnabrueck

redbtn “Just thought I would mention that I find the newsletter very interesting … Look forward to the next one!”
Jill Scott — Staffordshire University

redbtn “I am alwys impressed by your newsletters, so I have made a link from our site to yours for our students. Keep up the good work.”
Jeannie Harris — Manchester College of Arts & Technology

redbtn “Your newsletter has become a very useful source of information and ideas – and you can quote me on that!”
Peter Hartley — Sheffield Hallam University

redbtn “D’you know I had The Little, Brown Handbook on my desk within a couple of days of reading your review of it and, of course, using the amazon.co.uk connection.”
Waltraud Boxall — Liverpool University

redbtn “Another excellent newsletter! I always look forward to it, and never skip it even though the mailbox might be bursting. It always has useful advice and is very varied.”
Mick Trott — www.speechradio.com

redbtn “Thank you so very much for your time and kindness. I really want to read your book and use it to help me improving my writing task.”
Dussadee Sontararachon

redbtn “The newsletter has been a great source of information. I’m glad I subscribed.”
Charles Madison — University of Bristol

redbtn “Thanks for the upgrade. The speed of arrival astounded our software manager! ”
Morag Torrance — Aberdeen University

redbtn “Having just visited the site, I think I’ll be a daily visitor. I’ve already printed out a number of useful sections, and I found the areas I needed with no difficulty – which shows how user-friendly it is.”
Margaret Toomey — Open University student

redbtn “You write good reviews – they strike me as being very objective, and not just there to sell books.”
Mark Brownlow — www.sciencekomm.at

redbtn “I am moved to congratulate you on your excellent newsletter. I get a tremendous number of useful leads from it. Keep it up!”
Resources Centre — Trinity College, Dublin

redbtn “Just wanted to tell you how helpful your newsletter is. I receive several, and yours is the one that provides the most useful information.”
Deborah S. Bosley — UNC Charlotte, NC

redbtn “Thank goodness there are sites like yours… where the reviews are objective and professional.”
Dan Gray — http://geekbooks.com

redbtn “Thanks for a nicely laid-out site. I came from the INfo Design list to look at your review of Tufte (I am glad you pointed out how convoluted his prose can be), and I enjoyed your very helpful reviews of books on writing. Thanks!”
Jonathan Price — Albuquerque, NM

redbtn “The site is easy to use and the information is well laid out and explained in a clear concise manner. The free downloads were good — more of these please!! I shall recommend this site to my students in September. Also the information on grammar and punctuation was particularly good and cleared up a few uncertainties in my own mind.”
Fred Murphy — Bangor University

redbtn “Having just ploughed through a large of number of useful, but rather longwinded, e-mails I came upon your newsletter and found it a refreshing change – useful and concise.”
Heather Williams — University of Salford

redbtn “Thanks for the newsletter. I’m finding it really readable and interesting.”
Madeleine Parkyn — Women in Publishing

redbtn “Thanks — we have now added the MANTEX site to our College Intranet”
Molly Marshall — Grantham College

redbtn “We have always found your materials very helpful and reliable.”
Maureen Turner — Stoke-on-Trent College

redbtn “Looks great! It’s very clean and concise. I like that in a newsletter. I’ve got to go sign up …”
Daniel Gray — ‘Associate & Affiliate Programs on the Net’

redbtn “After following the guidance in Writing Essays, my grades improved immediately.”
Isobel Parmenides — Open University student

redbtn “I can highly recommend your HelpDisk essay writing material – many students of mine have appreciated and learned from it. I used it with both home and overseas students. The example essays were found to be particularly helpful.”
John Hilsdon — University of Exeter

redbtn “Goods received here bright and early next day. I am highly impressed by your service.”
Val Wilkins — Derby University

redbtnHelpDisk! 2.4 is logical, accessible, and easy to navigate.”
Tom Hopkins — Bournemouth University

redbtnMarking Essays is great! Nobody has taken the time to explain the grading systems as comprehensively as in your publication. Many thanks for the prompt response.”
Jean Baird — Nottingham Trent University

redbtn “Well done — What an excellent newsletter!”
Chris Humphries — EUN Support Officer

redbtn “It was the best presentation I’ve ever attended.”
R. Allan Reese — Hull University — Graduate Research Institute

redbtnStudy Skills is a very useful publication and I recommend it to all my students.”
Olwyn Alexander — Heriot-Watt University

redbtn “As a teacher, I find all sorts of things on your site really useful to me. I teach a lot of foreign students writing and other skill-based subjects, and your pages give me lots of ideas.”
Lesley DuPont — Cambridge

redbtn “I like the site because it is quick to load, never failed me yet in actually appearing when I want it to, and is clear and well laid out.”
Ruth Mapper — Huddersfield University

redbtn “Very interesting site … thank you for an interesting intermezzo.”
Heleen van Loon — Amsterdam University

redbtn “May I take this opportunity to say that you have an excellent site and an interesting list of publications.”
Eric Eldred — Eldritch Press

redbtn “You have a very fine web site. Very visually appealing and crisp in its responses.”
John M Goodman — (author) “Peter Norton’s Inside the PC”

redbtn “Outstanding site! This is quickly becoming the site for up-to-date reviews and information on all aspects of computers and cyberculture, from software and design to social and pedagogical issues. Keep it up.”
David Silver — University of Maryland

redbtn “…their links to Books and Articles provide some excellent book reviews of publications relevant to the fields of writing, publishing, and the Internet. The reviews are user-friendly in length and it is nice to be able to read a concise report informing you of what is available on relevant subjects.”
Claire Jones — Internet Free Press

redbtn “The review you posted a link to at Studio B was worth reading! A lot of useful info on web design, even without reading the book.
David Karlins — www.ppinet.com

redbtn “I just dipped into your site, and am very impressed. It’s straightforward, quick to load, and easy to navigate.”
Bill Holt — Audio Broadcasting Technology

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