Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q Will these materials be suitable for me?

Our books and computer programs are for anybody who needs to improve study and writing skills:

  • people who wish to refresh their study skills
  • students preparing for further education
  • adult students returning to study
  • undergraduates who need help with study skills
  • professional employees in training programs
  • business people who wish to improve their skills

Q I’ve just returned to study after a long break. Will these materials be too advanced?

No! They’re written in a simple and clear manner. They include the basics, and you can move on to more advanced issues when you feel ready. You can use the materials as a study guide, or a source of reference.

Q We are a university. Will these materials be too elementary for our students?

Universities throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond don’t think so. They are in use from Aberdeen to Cambridge, from Newcastle to Exeter, from Capetown to Winnipeg. They are very popular with undergraduates. Check the reference page for a list of our clients and customers.

Q I’m hopeless at writing, grammar, and spelling. Will this stuff help me?

It’s written for you! We’re in business to help you improve your skills. If it doesn’t work, we’ll give you your money back.

Q English is not my first language. Will these books be suitable?

They are written in a simple, clear style. They don’t contain jargon. They explain each point in a plain manner. You can start with the easy topics, then move on at your own pace.

Q All my study skills are very rusty. What should I do?

Start practising! You’ve already got through to this site – so your computer and search skills are at a high level. Have a look through some of our sample pages and free downloads. Decide which areas you need to work on.

Start off with something easy. Write a few letters. Read more. Make a list of tasks, then tick off those completed. Plan the week ahead. Find time for the things you need to do.

Q I’m an engineer/social worker/trainee, and need to improve my writing skills. What would you recommend?

Look through the sample pages. Download the free samples. Try to identify those areas with which you need help. You probably need to read more, and practice your writing. If you need general help with writing, choose Improve your Writing Skills. If you are a student, choose Writing Essays
or Writing Essays 3.0.

Q I’m an undergraduate/postgraduate/business chief, but I’m still struggling with writing skills. Is this abnormal?

Not at all! These skills are not usually taught in schools, colleges, and universities. It’s generally assumed that you will pick them up as you go along.

Even some professionals holding down important jobs need help with their writing. You may have been employed because you have other strong points. If you need to brush up your writing or your study techniques, don’t feel bad about it.

Clever people never stop studying and learning. That’s often what makes them successful.

Q Is it safe to send credit card details over the Net?

Yes, it is. We use the biggest Internet provider in Europe, whose service is located in top security conditions in London’s Telehouse. And we use the credit card services of the NatWest Bank, the biggest in the UK.

Q But what about your honesty?

Listen! We value your custom, and we would like you to come back for more. It would not be in our interest to over-charge you. And if we did, the bank would immediately cancel our contract.

Moreover, we don’t pass on names or details of our customers to anybody else – under any circumstances. All your rights are covered by the data protection act.

Q Can we evaluate one of the computer programs before buying a site licence?

Yes. A single-user licence allows you to install a program on one machine. Any number of students can try out the program on this one machine before you decide.

Q How much do site licences cost?

These are determined by the number of machines on which the program will be made available. See the licences page for details. The more machines, the cheaper the unit-cost.

Q What’s the difference between a single-user licence and a site licence?

A single user licence allows you to install a program on a machine for your own use. That machine can be your desktop, your laptop, or both. It also allows institutions to install a program on one machine, to which any number of students may have non-simultaneous access. That is, the machine should not be part of a network.

A site licence allows institutions to install a program on a number of machines, or make the program available on a network. That is, the program may be available on any number of machines simultaneously.

Single-user licences only cover the version of the program for which they are purchased. New versions of the program require a new licence.

Site licences entitle users to upgrades at a discounted rate. That is, when a new version of the program is issued, site licence holders can upgrade to the latest version without paying the full price. Details of upgrades are available on the site licence page.

We have workstations/computer labs in a number of different buildings. Does this count as one site?

The answer is probably “Yes” if the buildings are in the same vicinity. If you’re in any doubt, why not give us a ring to discuss your requirements. We’ll be pleased to do business with you.

Q We want to try out your programs on our network. Is this possible without buying a full site licence

Yes, it is. Just buy a licence limited to the number of machines you wish to use. Then ask your network supervisor to set this limit on the number of machines that can have access to the program at any one time. [If in doubt, ask your systems administrator if this can be arranged.]

Q Can we have a licence which limits the number of networked users with simultaneous access at any one time.

Yes. [See above.] Just check with your systems administrator, then order a licence for that number.

Q Do you have Apple-Mac versions?

Yes we do! The software programs are written in HTML, which can be read on Macs as well as PCs.

We don’t yet supply an off-line reader with the Mac versions – but you can read the files in any Web browser, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Q Can your design services be customised to suit our special needs?

Yes. We will be happy to discuss your requirements – and don’t forget our online learning course design service.

Q We want to turn our paper database into an electronic archive and put it on line. Is there an easy way to do this?

Yes. The simplest way is to convert your documents into HTML files using an editor.

Then you need to design the structure of the archive very carefully so that people can easily find information. This part requires careful thought.

We can teach you the initial skills you will need – or do the job for you.


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