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How to prepare for exams, and how to pass them successfully. This eBook shows you how to improve your memory and concentration. Boost your self-confidence and overcome nerves and anxiety. Guarantee your best performance in the exam.



Guidance notes for all students

Download it – now! Includes specimen exam papers, and hints from tutors on improving your grades. These guidance notes are suitable for students at all levels in further and higher education. They answer all the most frequently asked questions on successful revision and exam techniques. You can add your own notes and hyperlinks to personalise your eBook and make it even more interactive.

New design – stylish typography and layout – great value

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Why have exams?
Arguments for and against examinations – what you need to know to survive.

How to learn from your term work – before, during, and after the course.

Taking notes
Efficient note-taking – tips and tricks. An example of good notes.

Revision techniques
The secrets of good planning. Create good conditions. Use the right materials

Choosing topics
How to select and prioritise the topics you need to revise.

Mock exams
How to arrange personal mini-tests to reduce the threat of real exams.

Overcoming nerves
Understanding nervousness, and turning a negative into a positive force.

Exam myths
Horror stories de-bunked, and reasons you should feel optimistic.

Stress management
Techniques for reducing stress and building calm plus confidence.

Analysing papers
How to understand the structure of exam papers and their instructions

Analysing questions
How to understand questions – and what’s needed to answer them.

Instruction terms
How to understand the most commonly used instruction terms

Specimen papers
Examples of some real exam papers and their tasks and questions analysed.

Types of exam
Short-question exams, take-home papers, multiple-choice questions, open book exams, oral exams

How to understand the difference between key terms and instruction terms.

How to avoid the most common problems when answering exam questions.

The examination
Tips on what to do before, during, and after the exam. How to maximise your chances.

Your best answer
How to maximise the relevance and accuracy of your answers. Make every point count.

Time management
How to divide your time strategically between separate questions.

Solving problems
How to deal with possible emergencies and changes of mind during the exam.


How to understand grading systems, results, and possible appeals

Further reading
A selection of exam and revision study guides – with web links to Amazon


Price – £1.95 – 94 pages – PDF format – 1993-2011 – ISBN 095198442X

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