Writing Essays - an online course

Writing EssaysWriting Essays shows you how to analyse questions, plan your work, and understand all the stages of writing an essay. It will teach you how to write effective essays (term papers) which meet academic standards. This course covers all the basic elements of academic writing skills.
Course fee – only £1.95


Course content
*   What is an essay?
*   How to write an essay
*   Analysing the question
*   Planning essays
*   Creating structure
*   Further reading
Suitable for
*   GCSE and A level students
*   Individual training needs
*   NVQ vocational students
*   Study skills development
*   Preparation for F & HE
Course features
*   Tutor support – or not
*   User discussion forum
*   Course fee – £1.95
*   Self-assessment quizzes
*   Video tutorials
"After following the guidance in Writing Essays, my grades improved immediately."
Isobel Parmenides – Open University student


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