Stress Management - an online course

Stress ManagementStress Management deals with the issues of managing stress in everyday life. It includes – understanding the symptoms of stress; knowing the difference between hard work and stress; recognising good stress and bad stress; understanding medical remedies for stress; dealing with feelings and anger management; plus knowing how to ask for help. Course fee – only £1.95



Course content
*   What is stress?
*   How stressed are you?
*   Good stress – Bad stress
*   Medical remedies for stress
*   Handling stress – the clever way
*   How to ask for support
*   Further reading
Course features
*   Tutor support – or not
*   User discussion forum
*   Course fee – only £1.95
*   Self-assessment quizzes
*   Work at your own pace
*   Video tutorials
Suitable for
*   Personal development students
*   GCSE support courses
*   Health and Social Care courses
*   Business training & development
*   Well College courses
"This course helped me concentrate properly on the rest of my studies – and I passed!"
Angela Stewart – Dundee College


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