Referencing - an online course

ReferencingReferencing shows you how to understand the academic conventions for referring to other people’s work in your own writing. It shows you how to quote and explains both the UK standard and the Harvard style of referencing systems. This course offers clear guidance on one of the trickiest aspects of academic writing.
Course fee – only £1.95


Course content
*   What is referencing?
*   The basics of quotation
*   Footnotes and endnotes
*   The basics of bibliography
*   Harvard style referencing
*   Some do’s and don’ts
*   Digital referencing
Course features
*   Tutor support – or not
*   User discussion forum
*   Course fee – £1.95
*   Self-assessment quizzes
*   Video tutorials
*   Work at your own pace
Suitable for
*   GCSE and A level students
*   Individual training needs
*   NVQ vocational students
*   Study skills development
*   Preparation for F & HE
"This made a complex issue easy to understand. Fantastic value!"
Ray Lewis – Sheffield Hallam Uni


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