Presentations - an online course

PresentationsPresentations shows you how to plan, structure, organise, and deliver an effective presentation. It explains the techniques required for giving persuasive talks and demonstrations in any subject. All aspects of this course will help you to improve your communication skills.
Course fee – only £1.95



Course content
*   What are presentations?
*   Types of presentation
*   How to do it – Start here!
*   A good performance
*   Audio-visual equipment
*   On paper and on screen
*   PowerPoint presentations
Course features
*   Tutor support – or not
*   User discussion forum
*   Course fee – £1.95
*   Self-assessment quizzes
*   Video tutorials
Suitable for
*   GCSE and A level students
*   Individual training needs
*   NVQ vocational students
*   Study skills development
*   Preparation for F & HE
"I recently downloaded your demonstration material, and I was impressed by its easiness to read on-line, and by the content, which I found to be both simple to understand, and profound in meaning."
Pamela Parseley — TAFE Tasmania


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