Healthy Living - an online course

Healthy LivingHealthy Living outlines the elements of a healthy lifestyle. It includes – awareness of your own health; food values and contents; a balanced diet; understanding food labeling; fats, sugars, and salts; the contents of drinks; getting more exercise; smoking – and how to stop; plus drugs – legal and illegal.
Course fee – only £1.95



Course content
*   Healthy living for you
*   You are what you eat
*   Eat better – eat less
*   Exercise your way to health
*   Drinks of all kinds
*   Smoking – and how to stop
*   Drugs – legal and illegal
*   Further reading
Course features

*   Tutor support – or not
*   User discussion forum
*   Course fee – £1.95
*   Self-assessment quizzes
*   Video tutorials

Suitable for
*   Health and Social Care courses
*   NHS training and development
*   Well College courses
*   Personal development students
"My friends and I in our tutor group really enjoyed doing this course – and I am now in week six of giving up smoking. Yay!"
Sonia Harkness – Oldham College


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