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Number 180 – October 2012 – ISSN 1470-1863

Arts, Culture, and Technology as seen from
the digital hub of Media city Manchester UK

Back to School – Writing skills required!


We’ve just posted a new guidance note
on how to edit your writing.

This deals with the most important items
to look out for before you submit.

Spelling, punctuation, sentences, and
paragraphs, titles, and structure.

Oh, and there are some interesting comments
about editing on screen and on paper.

0— Pub Quiz – Question #01

Who made the albumn “Highway 61 Revisited”?


Donald Clark (writer and teacher) has recently
set himself the task of producing one blog posting
per day on the subject of how technology has
affected teaching and learning.

His writes on fundamental topics such as pencils,
rubbers, blackboards, and typewriters,

One favourite of mine was the Lectern – and how it
passed from church to university the notion that
all knowledge was embedded in some holy text.

Thought-provoking and very well informed.

0— Pub Quiz – Question #02

Who succeeded Anthony Eden as Prime Minister?


Improve your writing and your English communication
skills. Learn how to write with clarity and style.

Choose the most effective vocabulary. Make every
word count with clear grammar and punctuation.

This eBook will show you how to write good sentences
and paragraphs, plus how to structure your writing.
Overcome writer’s block.

0— Pub Quiz – Question #03

Who is the first female in line to the throne?

0— NEW STUDY GUIDE – A rare novel

Henry James is well know for writing very long novels.
But he wrote short ones too.

‘The Reverberator’ is an amazingly forward-looking
study of gossip-column journalism in the nineteenth
century. That’s when newspapers first became a medium
of mass communication.

It’s also a quite light-hearted study of Americans
living in Paris.

0— Pub Quiz – Question #04

What nationality was motor champion Juan Fangio?


This is a fascinating blog site with a slightly
misleading title – “In Loving Memory of the Book”.

It’s a beautifully illustrated tour of cultural
history based on a series of famous streets.

The highpoints (for me) come with the early
twentieth century – Rue Lepic and Boulevard
Haussmann (Paris) and Charing Cross (London)
plus the most recent – Via Margutta (Rome).

It shows all the most famous artists and writers
who have lived and worked there.

0— Pub Quiz – Question #05

Apart from a dance, what is a Bolero?


Just when you thought data compression had reached
a point of ne plus ultra, have a look at this.

It’s a proposal/method of storing information in
DNA code. The British Library on a sugar cube.

0— Pub Quiz – Question #06

Who is the President of Ireland?


I was recently introduced to this service
run by the New York Times.

All Experts allows you to ask questions
about more or less anything – and get an
answer from an expert in the field

I’m pleased to say that I was accepted as
an expert in the category English language
and grammar. So if you have any problems,
just go here –

0— Pub Quiz – Question #07

Where is John Wayne airport?

0— NEW STUDY GUIDE – Conrad’s “Victory”

You know by now that Joseph Conrad is on my list
of great writers – despite his flaws.

This is one of his ‘big’ novels in which a
European loner goes native in the far East.

But he is pursued by his ‘double’ or polar
opposite, who is intent on destroying him.

It’s a gripping tale of pure evil against
would-be ‘good’. The results are tragic.

0— Pub Quiz – Question #08

In which year were the Rolling Stones formed?


I stumbled across this series of YouTube
videos recently. A guy offers ‘advice’ on
the correct way to say foreign expressions
and brand names in English.

Except that he doesn’t. You have to watch
a few before the penny drops. It’s hilarious.

The longer you watch it, the funnier it gets.
I nearly wet my pants on ‘Chateuneuf du Pape’.

Here’s the simple explanation from a chat show:

Then treat yourself to the full slide show:

0— Pub Quiz – Question #09

Who wrote “The Case of Comrade Tulayev”?

0— LANGUAGE SKILLS – national accents

Amusing YouTube video of a young kid speaking
English in 24 different accents.

Warning! It’s not safe for work (NSFW) or for
showing your maiden aunt.

What’s even more remarkable is the fact that
he nails so many UK dialects – which as all
good linguists know is not the same thing as
regional accent.

0— Pub Quiz – Question #10

What is a spondee?


‘Slang: The People’s Poetry’

‘Nightwood’ and ‘Summer’

0— Pub quiz – ANSWERS

#1. Who made the albumn “Highway 61 Revisited”?
ANSWER: Bob Dylan

#2 Who succeeded Anthony Eden as Prime Minister?
ANSWER: Harold Macmillan

#3 Who is the first female in line to the throne?
ANSWER: Princess Beatrice

#4 What nationality was motor champion Juan Fangio?
ANSWER: Argentinian

#5 Apart from a dance, what is a Bolero?
ANSWER: A short jacket

#6 Who is the President of Ireland?
ANSWER: Michael D Higgins

#7 Where is John Wayne airport?
ANSWER: Orange County, California

#8 In which year were the Rolling Stones formed?
ANSWER: 1962

#9 Who wrote “The Case of Comrade Tulayev”?
ANSWER: Victor Serge

#10 What is a spondee?
ANSWER: A form of stress in poetry

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