Site licences

Site licences for our software programs are calculated according to the number of machines on which the program will be made available on any one site.

Machines Cost per machine
02-10 £9.45
11-20 £8.45
21-30 £7.45
31-50 £6.45
51-100 £5.45
100+ £5.00


1. A single-user licence entitles purchasers to install the program only onto one machine for their own use.

2. The program must not be installed onto a network or otherwise made available for multiple simultaneous use.

3. The contents must not be copied or re-sold, either in their present form of HTML files, or converted to any other form – either in a print or electronic medium.

4. Single-user licences cover only the version number of the program for which they are issued. Upgrades to later versions require a separate licence.


5. A site licence entitles purchasers to install the program onto the number of machines at one site for which the licence is held.

6. The machines onto which the program is installed may be networked.

7. Institutions purchasing a single-user licence for assessment and evaluation purposes may install the program only onto one machine, to which any number of individual users may have non-simultaneous access.

8. Evaluation by installation onto a network is permitted only with the vendor’s specific agreement.

9. A site licence entitles holders to discounted upgrades on all later issues of the program.

10. Each separate software program requires its own separate site licence.



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