Jorge Colombo's iPhone Sketches

Jorge Colombo makes pictures of New York using the Brushes app in an iPhone. He works at night, drawing directly on the screen. His fingertip acts as a cursor, picking up paint effects from the Brushes palette.

To see a demonstration of how it’s done, click here. This is for the principles only. Jorge’s paintings are far superior, as you will see. His sketches are more like this one.

For some reason (which escapes me) this technique is also known as ‘speed painting’. Jorge’s work strikes me as interesting, because it doesn’t strive for realistic effects, but exploits the impressionistic effects of someone working with broad brushstokes. He says there’s nothing speedy at all about the process, and that it takes him quite some time. Jorge’s complete web site has examples of his other art works, including movie clips showing the sketches being created.

Soon after we put Jorge’s pictures on this site, he was snapped up by New Yorker magazine, and now contributes new pictures on a weekly basis. Just shows what a little inventiveness (and a lot of talent) can do.

All sketches reproduced with full permission of the artist.


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