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Number 184 – March 2013 – ISSN 1470-1863

Arts, Culture, and Technology as seen from
the digital hub of media city, Manchester UK

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0— F.r.e.e Storage and Security

Dropbox has saved my bacon more than once
in the last few weeks.

Never lose any of your data again. Keep your
passwords and banking details secure.

Get access to your work when away from home,
with no need to carry memory sticks around.

How is it done? Simple – you store everything
in the Cloud, and it’s f.r.e.e

Your work is available to you anywhere at any time.
And the system backs up your files automatically.

If you want to get 2 GB of cloud storage completely
f.r.e.e, just reply to this email with the word CLOUD –
and we will send you a f.r.e.e invitation to join.

Just send the word CLOUD to

– or reply to this newsletter quoting ‘CLOUD’.

0— Pub Quiz – Question #01

Which countries are connected by the Brenner Pass?

0— ‘The Good Soldier’ – neglected classic

Ford Madox Ford was a key figure in the
modernist movement. He wrote over eighty books –
and yet he’s best known for just one.

‘The Good Soldier’ is an amazingly complex tale
of two married couples who become close friends.

The complexity comes from the radical manner
in which the story is told. It’s a fractured
sequence of events which are related by a narrator
who admits he might be unreliable.

It was well ahead of its time in 1915, and is
still well worth reading today.

Mantex Newsletter March 2013 The Good Soldier

0— Pub Quiz – Question #02

How many Marx brothers were there?

0— Proofreading your Writing

If you are preparing a document for release
into the public domain, you had better make
sure it contains no mistakes..

That doesn’t just mean spelling mistakes and
errors of syntax and grammar. It means small
points of detail such as punctuation, spacing,
and capitalisation.

These small issues make all the difference
between an amateurish and professional-looking
document. Here’s guidance on how to do it.

Mantex Newsletter March 2013 Proofreading your Writing

0— Pub Quiz – Question #03

What nationality was astronomer Copernicus?

0— Thoby Stephen – biographical notes

He was Virginia Woolf’s elder brother and
a talented young man at the very heart of
the Bloomsbury Group.

Thoby Stephen was educated at Cambridge and went
into Law, but the few years of his adult life are
something of a mystery – a feature his sister
depicted in her novel ‘Jacob’s Room’ which is
loosely based on his life:

Mantex Newsletter March 2013 Jacob’s Room

Unfortunately he contracted typhoid whilst
on holiday in Greece and died in 1906.

Mantex Newsletter Thoby Stephen

0— Pub Quiz – Question #04

Who directed ‘The Maltese Falcon’?

0— Kindle 2.0 – latest

At just over 1/3 of an inch, it’s as thin as
most magazines. Lighter than a typical paperback.

3G wireless lets you download books right from
your Kindle, anytime, anywhere; no monthly fees.

Get books delivered in less than 60 seconds;
no PC required. Improved Display: Reads like
real paper.

New Text-to-Speech feature, Kindle can
read every book, blog, magazine, and
newspaper out loud to you.

Mantex Newsletter March 2013 Kindle 2.0

I finally got one, and can confirm that you can
read even in the strongest sunlight.

I bought mine on the slightly cheapskate basis t
hat out of copyright classics are available for
next to nothing. The complete works of Dickens or
Trollope for GBP 1.95.

The quality of these editions is patchy. Some are
illustrated, some not. There is no guarantee that
the text will be accurate.

But I take the line that if I can have the entire
novels, stories, criticism, essays, prefaces, and
the travel writing of Henry James for less than
the price of a coffee – I’m in.

Mantex Newsletter Kindle at Amazon

0— Pub Quiz – Question #05

What number is directly opposite 19 on a dart board?

0— Adrian Stephen – biographical notes

This was Virginia Woolf’s younger brother
who followed in the family tradition of being
educated at Trinity College Cambridge.

But instead of going into law (or the arts)
Adrian Stephen took up psycho-analysis.

He and his wife became two of the very first
practising psycho-analysts in Britain.

And of course his sister’s company the
Hogarth Press was the first to publish
Sigmund Freud in English.

Mantex Newsletter Adrian Stephen

Mantex Newsletter The Hogarth Press 1917 – 1978

0— Pub Quiz – Question #06

What is the capital of Trinidad?

0— Exams after Easter? Start revising now!

Our downloadable PDF eBook ‘Revision and
Examinations’ covers everything you need to
prepare for exams and deliver your best
performance on the day.

Revision techniques, time management,
overcoming nerves, and how to understand
exam questions and rubrics.

It’s available now for less than the price
of a glass of wine in your local bistro.

Mantex Newsletter Revision and Examinations

0— Pub Quiz – Question #07

Who painted ‘Olympia’?

0— Tablets in Education?

Two recent articles from the excellent
Donald Clark cast grave reservations on
the use of tablets in education.

The first points out that hardly any students
use them, whereas laptops are ubiquitous

Mantex Newsletter Tablets in Education – I

The second article lifts the lid off Murdoch’s
News Corp initiative to sell its own tablets
into schools – plus a device from the middle
east created especially for women.

Mantex Newsletter Tablets in Education – II

0— Pub Quiz – Question #08

What is the common term for tetanus?

0— F.r.e.e Clock

You can have a big clock displayed on your
computer screen – plus the date – in a big
bold font..It’s a Java applet.

Colours can be changed to suit your eyesight,
and it can be set to make announcements every one,
five, or ten minutes.

Time zones can be chosen from all over the world.
Alarms and updates in fruity BBC English.

Mantex Newsletter Free Clock

0— Pub Quiz – Question #09

Who composed the ‘Enigma Variations’?

0— How to get your book published

Noah Lukeman is a New York writer’s agent with a
number of big names on his books. So he knows
what he’s talking about when it comes to getting

This is his tough-love advice for staying out of
the publisher’s slush pile – where 99.99% of
manuscripts finish up.

You’d be amazed how quickly agents and publishers
will make up their mind about your deathless prose.

Lukeman gives you five pages in his title, but the
truth is nearer to five sentences.

And don’t even bother sending off your typescript
unless it’s printed out new each time on crisp
and pristine A4 sheets.

It’s a tough world – but Lukeman’s tips could just
give you the extra attention-grabbing pull you will
undoubtedly need.

Mantex Newsletter The First Five Pages

0— Pub Quiz – Question #10

Who made the first dynamo?

0— Pub quiz – ANSWERS

#1. Which countries are connected by the Brenner Pass?
ANSWER: Italy and Austria

#2 How many Marx brothers were there?
ANSWER: Five: Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo, Gummo

#3 What nationality was astronomer Copernicus?
ANSWER: Polish

#4 Who directed ‘The Maltese Falcon’?
ANSWER: John Houston

#5 What number is directly opposite 19 on a dart board?

#6 What is the capital of Trinidad?
ANSWER: Port-of-Spain

#7 Who painted ‘Olympia’?
ANSWER: Edouard Manet

#8 What is the common term for tetanus?
ANSWER: Lockjaw

#9 Who composed the ‘Enigma Variations’?
ANSWER: Edward Elgar

#10 Who made the first dynamo?
ANSWER: Michael Faraday

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