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Number 183 – February 2013 – ISSN 1470-1863

Arts, Culture, and Technology as seen from
the digital hub of media city, Manchester UK

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0— Bookseller Jargon – explained

When you see an advert for a second-hand
book that mentions ‘foxed’ pages and
‘edges bumped’ – you have encountered
bookseller’s jargon.

There’s a whole vocabulary of euphemism
and abbreviation in the language of the
book trade.

These new guidance notes explain the
principles without going into too much
bewildering detail.

Concrete examples analysed and described.

Mantex Newsletter February 2013 Bookseller jargon

0— Pub Quiz – Question #01

In the Bible, which book follows Matthew?

0— More on the Bloomsbury Group

Ralph Partridge was an odd-man-out in the
Bloomsbury Group. Whilst they were pacifists,
he had fought in the war.

And he wasn’t an artist, a writer, or even
really an intellectual. But he was tall and
good looking – so both men and women fell
in love with him. Find out more here:

Mantex Newsletter February 2013 Ralph Partridge

0— Pub Quiz – Question #02

Which airport has most annual passengers?

0— How to buy books for a penny

Last month we had a news item about good
quality books available for a penny at
online bookstores.

If you missed it, we’ve created a guidance
note that explains how the system works –
and why it exists. Plus some suggestions
for snapping up bargains.

Mantex Newsletter February 2013 Buy books for a penny

0— Pub Quiz – Question #03

Who wrote ‘A Brief History of Time’?

0— ‘Between the Acts’ – a study guide

Virginia Woolf’s last novel before she
committed suicide was ‘Between the Acts’.

You would never guess how fed up she must
have been, because it is a light-hearted
and very witty story of a village pageant.

The tale flits from one character to another
in a dizzying, modernistic style that she
pioneered in her 1922 novel ‘Jacob’s Room’.

Mantex Newsletter Between the Acts

0— Pub Quiz – Question #04

What type of food is Bombay Duck?

0— How to Present Documents

Here’s another set of guidance notes if you
want to give your documents a professional finish.

It could be a funding bid or a job application.
Maybe a report for your local council or the
board of governors at your school.

The secret is to ‘package’ your document with
introductory and concluding materials.

Mantex Newsletter How to present documents

0— Pub Quiz – Question #05

What international car registration is FL?

0— ‘On Being Ill’

You wouldn’t think that someone could write an
essay on the subject of being ill, would you?

But Virginia Woolf argues that lying in bed
feeling poorly is a very common human experience.

So much so that she does more by writing about
the *advantages* of illness – how it allows us to
isolate ourselves and find time to look at the sky.

Mantex Newsletter On Being Ill

0— Pub Quiz – Question #06

In which country is the Atacama Desert?

0— ‘The Longest Journey’ – study guide

E.M.Forster is well known for the novels
that Merchant-Ivory have turned into
award-winning films.

But ‘The Longest Journey’ is his much
neglected second novel – almost unknown
outside academic circles.

It’s not his best, and it lacks the wit
of ‘A Room with a View’ and ‘Where Angels
Fear to Tread’ – but it’s his longest, and
it has some fine observations.

The story is of a young man’s progress from
bright young Cambridge graduate to a downtrodden
schoolmaster and doom in a loveless marriage.

Mantex Newsletter The Longest Journey

0— Pub Quiz – Question #07

From which plant is saffron obtained?

0— Teaching and Technology

I mentioned recently that YouTube is the new TV.
Donald Clark goes one further in a recent blog.

He argues that new media has now made traditional
teaching methods redundant. He’s particularly
scathing about the one-hour academic lecture.

Mantex Newsletter Donald Clark Plan B

And you can watch his TEDx talk on the same
issues more comfortably here:

Mantex Newsletter Donald Clark at TEDx Glasgow

0— Pub Quiz – Question #08

How many lines of verse are in a sonnet?

0— John Lehmann and the Hogarth Press

The Hogarth Press was an occupational and
therapeutic hobby Leonard Woolf started for
his wife Virginia.

They published T.S.Eliot, Dostoyevski, and Freud
for the first time in Britain. You can see some of
their first editions here:

Mantex Newsletter Hogarth Press book jackets

With the success which followed, they took on
as assistant John Lehmann, a would-be poet who
turned out to be a publisher himself.

Mantex Newsletter John Lehmann

0— Pub Quiz – Question #09

Where was the painter El Greco born?

0— How to use ‘and’ in a sentence

You’d have though that the simple conjunction
‘and’ could not present any difficulties to
anybody above four years old.

Well how would you punctuate the following statement?

“You haven’t left enough space between Dog and and and
and and Partridge”

The answer, plus lots more is revealed in our
latest ‘How to’ guidance note here:

Mantex Newsletter How to use AND in a sentence

0— Pub Quiz – Question #10

Who founded the Bauhaus?

0— Hatchet Job of the Year – the winner

If you were wondering who won first prize
for the best bad review of the year, it
was Camilla Long.

She tore apart Rachel Cusk’s ‘Aftermath’,
which is an account of her divorce. described
as “acres of poetic whimsy and vague literary blah,
a needy, neurotic mandolin solo of reflections on
child sacrifice and asides about drains”.

Mantex Newsletter Hatchet Job of the year – winner

0— Pub quiz – ANSWERS

#1. In the Bible, which book follows Matthew?

#2 Which airport has most annual passengers?
ANSWER: Heathrow

#3 Who wrote ‘A Brief History of Time’?
ANSWER: Stephen Hawking

#4 What type of food is Bombay Duck?
ANSWER: Dried fish

#5 What international car registration is FL?
ANSWER: Liechtenstein

#6 In which country is the Atacama Desert?

#7 From which plant is saffron obtained?
ANSWER: Crocus

#8 How many lines of verse are in a sonnet?

#9 Where was the painter El Greco born?

#10 Who founded the Bauhaus?
ANSWER: Walter Gropius

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