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Number 171 – July 2011 – ISSN 1470-1863

Arts, Culture, and Technology as seen from
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0— ‘Filthy English’ – book of the month

This is an amazingly funny, scholarly, and
completely enjoyable study of swearing.

My daughter gave it to me as a present, and
once I started I just couldn’t put it down.

Phil Silverton takes you through a whole history
of post-war Britain, highlighting the classic moments
at which certain taboo words were used – in print, on
the radio, and on television.

His conclusions are that attitudes are constantly
shifting. A word which was once unthinkably rude is
now used regularly on the BBC. But new taboo words
come to take their place.

In the meantime he does a survey of all the words
you could imagine for all sorts of amazing acts.

Not for the squeamish – but it’s a laugh from
start to finish.

Mantex Newsletter “Filthy English”

0— Pub Quiz Question #1

What is the capital of Latvia?

0— Is self-plagiarism possible?

Yes – it is. Just ask Johann Hari – he’s the Independent
‘journalist’ who has just been exposed as a fraudster.

And his excuses illustrate why the academic disciplines
of accurate referencing and citation of sources are still
so important.

What he does is interview people, then writes articles
weaving in things they have said to other people or written
years before – as if they were speaking to him directly.

He issued a half-hearted apology – but it didn’t stop
people unearthing more and more examples in his past articles.

And because he is a self-aggrandising, deeply unlovable sort
of chap, very few people have any sympathy for him.

redbtn The Johann Hari scandal

The lessons?

1. It’s not enough to say “These were the actual words he used”.
2. It’s not enough to throw in a few quotation marks.
3. And it’s not even enough to use your own words from a
previous piece – without attribution.

Learn the rules of plagiarism here –

redbtn What is Plagiarism?

Better still – why not take this short online course?

redbtn Plagiarism course

0— Pub Quiz Question #2

Which company makes Clio, Megane & Scenic cars?

0— How to be a lesbian blogger

This was a one-minute wonder recently – but it
illustrates quite a few important aspects of
online life.

‘A Gay Girl in Damascus’ was a blog published by
a lesbian giving details of gay persecution in
the Syria and middle east.

Except it was written by a married Canadian bloke
with a beard living in Edinburgh.

All sorts of huffing and puffing ensued. But the
issues of online impersonation, gullibility, and
more are explored in the Slate article.

redbtn Online Personae

0— Pub Quiz Question #3

What temperature is the same in Fahrenheit and Celsius?

0— LetterPress Printing – on your iPad

Arrange old-fashioned wood type to
create retro designs that look like
hand-made originals. Save them into a
graphics file – and print off on
modern laser printer.

All as an app on your iPad.

redbtn Letterpress printing

0— Pub Quiz Question #4

Which type of drink includes Fino and Oloroso?

0— Best-Selling eBook – The Waste Land!

An unexpected top seller you might think – but
you’d be wrong, because this almost 100 year old
poem has been given a multi-media presentation

Full text with Eliot’s notes – plus Ezra Pound’s.
Full performance of the poem by Fiona Shaw that’s
synchronized to the text.

Alternative readings by Alec Guinness, Ted Hughes,
and even Eliot himself.

Photocopy of the original manuscript, plus
videos on background and commentary. Review here

redbtn “The Waste Land”

0— Pub Quiz Question #5

What does an isobar represent?

0— Harry Potter goes eBook

J.K.Rowling has created not one but two
sensations in the publishing world recently.

First, she’s sacked her agent – the man who
has helped her to make a fortune.

Second, she’s cut out publishers with her
latest venture – her own web site.

People who want the latest Harry Potter
materials in eBook format can download
them directly.

This means she cuts out Amazon and the rest.

redbtn Harry Potter WebSite

0— Pub Quiz Question #6

What is Troglodytes Troglodytes?

0— Types of Jazz – a Primer

Do you sometimes wonder what the difference is
between traditional jazz, swing, and modern jazz?

Your problems are over. We’ve just posted some
guidance notes – complete with video samples.

redbtn Types of jazz

0— Pub Quiz Question #7

What does Manolo Blahnik design?

0— How to read a novel – guidance notes

Would you like to get more out of your holiday
reading? Unlock the secrets of how novels are
written by following our simple guidance notes.

Fiction will never seem the same again!

redbtn How to read a novel

0— Pub Quiz #8

What would monks do in a lavatorium?

0— Mitsubishi – Pencils!

Bet you didn’t know the Japanese car manufacturer
started making mechanical pencils!

I was so intrigued by this video promotion
that I went out and bought one.

They’re available from Rymans in the UK –
called the Kuru Toga!

Get one – and we can compare notes on their
performance in the next newsletter.

redbtn Mitsubishi pencils

0— Pub Quiz Question #9

What novel did Charles Dickens never finish?

0— ‘The Face of Spain’ – old book reissued

Gerald Brenan is well know for his charming travel book
‘South from Granada’ which details his bohemian life in
rural Spain in the early 1920s – with comic visits from
the Bloomsbury Group.

redbtn “South from Granada”

What’s not so well known is that he left Spain during
the Civil War and didn’t return until 1949.

This is his journal and impressions of a visit to the
same places – but to record the devastation left behind
by Franco and his dictatorship.

redbtn “The Face of Spain”

0— Pub Quiz Question #10

What is added to Croque-Monsieur to make Croque-Madame?

0— A room made of recycled PC parts

It’s one of those 360 megapixel photos
Turn the sound down on your speakers.

redbtn Megapixel photo

0— Pub quiz – ANSWERS

#1. What is the capital of Latvia?

#2 Which company makes Clio, Megane & Scenic cars?
ANSWER: Renault

#3 What temperature is the same in Fahrenheit and Celsius?
ANSWER: Minus forty

#4 Which type of drink includes Fino and Oloroso?
ANSWER: Sherry

#5 What does an isobar represent?
ANSWER: Lines of equal atmospheric pressure

#6 What is Troglodytes Troglodytes?
ANSWER: A wren

#7 What does Manolo Blahnik design?

#8 What would monks do in a lavatorium?
ANSWER: Wash their hands

#9 What novel did Charles Dickens never finish?
ANSWER: ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’

#10 What is added to Croque-Monsieur to make Croque-Madame?
ANSWER: An egg

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