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0— How to Listen to Jazz

A friend recently asked me what she should
be aware of when listening to jazz.

She liked the music, but wasn’t sure what
was going on.

So I explained by writing a set of guidance
notes – with a video performance to explain.

Mantex Newsletter How to listen to jazz

0— Pub Quiz Question #1

Which is the most north easterly state of the USA?

0— “The Other House” – a study guide

This is another end-of-career novel by Henry James,
but very unusually for him it’s a murder mystery.

An undeclared power struggle takes place – wrapped
up in the confection of a country house
setting, with polite conversations over tea on
manicured lawns with bench seats.

But the outcome is deadly – and surprisingly amoral.

redbtn “The Other House”

0— Pub Quiz Question #2

What is broken at Mach I

0— Can you tell the gender of an author?

V.S.Naipaul recently claimed that he could
tell within a couple of paragraphs if something
was written by a man or a woman.

This was in the context of also saying
that no female author could be equal to him.

So the Grauniad came up with this literary quiz.

redbtn Literary Quiz

I didn’t do at all well – partly because
I don’t believe you can tell – but mainly
because the authors in the quiz are all
contemporary. And that’s a clue!

0— Pub Quiz Question #3

Which insect transmits African sleeping sickness?

0— Bloomsbury News – Charleston Re-Vamped

Charleston is the former home of Vanessa Bell
and Duncan Grant – both Bloomsbury Group artists.

It is famous for the fact that almost every inch
of its surfaces were covered by their decorative
zeal. Some would say over-decorated.

The whole place is being given a face-lift.

redbtn Charleston re-vamped

0— Pub Quiz Question #4

In which London park is the Round Pond?

0— WordPress Search Engine Optimization

If you want web site success, your pages
need to be search-engine friendly.

This means that they should be –

* rich in content
* primed with key words
* free from dross
* well written
* free from tricks

This new guide shows you how to craft
fat-free pages that will show up well
in search engine rankings.

redbtn “WordPress Search Engine Optimization”

0— Pub Quiz Question #5

Who composed the ‘Concierto de Aranjuez’?

0— A New University – or is it?

A group of Anglo-American professors
announced the launch of a new University
this week.

Here’s chancellor A.C.Grayling doing
a selling job on why you should stump
up fees of GBP 18,000 a year.

redbtn New university?

He claims that all the big transatlantic
dons recruited to this enterprise will be
personally engaged in teaching.

But he doesn’t explain how that will work
when all of them already have other full
time jobs – some in America.

An article by Cambridge classical scholar
Mary Beard in the Times Literary Supplement
has attracted masses of critical comment

redbtn New university – ???

And since the organisation piggy-backs on
University College London and even uses
its curricula, Grayling has now been
accused of plagiarism

redbtn University plagiarism

0— Pub Quiz Question #6

Which two countries are separated by the Ionian Sea?

0— Late Victorian Gothic Tales

Is it possible for Gothic horror stories
to be funny? There are certainly some in this
collection which raise a laugh.

Oscar Wilde’s ‘Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime’ has
a character who sends an exploding clock to
the Dean of Chichester in the belief that he
is destined to commit murder.

And Henry James’s story ‘Sir Edmund Orme’
features a ghost which exists to protect
someone from harm.

There are plenty of conventionally
chilling tales as well – including a
gruesome story by Conan Doyle which
features s.e.x.u.a.l mutilation.

redbtn “Late Victorian Gothic Horror”

0— Pub Quiz Question #7

Which countries border North Korea?

0— Victorian Laptops – What?!

Richard Nagy is an artist, a craftsman, and an
amazingly gifted designer. He makes laptop
computers which look like Victorian jewel boxes.

And they’re made out of polished wood, brass
and copper – complete with USB memory stick
in the shape of the key to a grandfather clock.

They will set you back an eye-watering $5500
But he also does Art Deco keyboards for $1000

redbtn Victorian laptops

0— Pub Quiz #8

How many of Henry VIII’s wives were beheaded?

0— “The Outcry” – a study guide

This was the last novel written by Henry James.
It’s an unusually light and amusing story of a
tug of war between an English aristocrat and an
American art collector.

You don’t need to grapple with any of the
elaborate and convoluted prose of the late
James – because this story was conceived and
almost executed – as a play.

Suitable for summer reading – or for devotees
of James, the master story-teller.

redbtn “The Outcry”

0— Pub Quiz Question #9

What is your tarsus?

0— Frankenstein – Scientist or Murderer?

Most people know the story of Frankenstein –
the scientist who creates a monster out of
spare body parts.

The monster wants to be loved – but goes on
a killing rampage that leaves several people dead.

Or does he?

This essay argues that Frankenstein and his
monster are one and the same person – just
like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

It also offers a Freudian interpretation of
the novel which explains why this happens.

redbtn “Frankenstein”

0— Pub Quiz Question #10

Which is the oldest English cheese?

0— Pub quiz – ANSWERS

#1. Which is the most north easterly state of the USA?

#2 What is broken at Mach I
ANSWER: The sound barrier

#3 Which insect transmits African sleeping sickness?
ANSWER: The Tsetse fly.

#4 In which London park is the Round Pond?
ANSWER: Kensington Gardens

#5 Who composed the ‘Concierto de Aranjuez’?
ANSWER: Joaquin Rodrigo

#6 Which two countries are separated by the Ionian Sea?
ANSWER: Italy and Greece

#7 Which countries border North Korea?
ANSWER: Russia, China, South Korea.

#8 How many of Henry VIII’s wives were beheaded?

#9 What is your tarsus?

#10 Which is the oldest English cheese?
ANSWER: Cheshire

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