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Number 169 – May 2011 – ISSN 1470-1863

Arts, Culture, and Technology as seen from
the digital hub of Media city Manchester UK

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0— “Just My Type” – fonts & typography

This is brand new! It was my favourite new reading
experience of the last month.

It’s a book about typography, font design, and
print aesthetics. Plus profiles of the most famous
modern designers.

There’s nothing over-technical or geeky about
Simon Garfield’s approach. He writes as a true
amateur (a lover) of the subject – and he’s
very funny too.

Mantex Newsletter Just My Type

0— Pub Quiz Question #1

What is the other name for the star Polaris?

0— Thomas Hardy’s “Wessex Tales”

People who love Thomas Hardy’s novels may not
realise that he is also master of the short story.

This is a collection of his very best – in which he
recaptures the early nineteenth century rural
traditions before they faded from public memory.

redbtn Thomas Hardy’s Wessex Tales

0— Pub Quiz Question #2

On how many tablets were the ten commandments engraved?

0— “The Picture of Dorian Gray”

This is Oscar Wilde’s now-famous novel – which
has recently been re-published in unexpurgated form.

It’s the story which created the image of the
portrait in the attic which ages, whilst the
subject stays ever-young.

The writing is fluent and witty – but the ending
of the story one you will never forget.

redbtn The Picture of Dorian Gray

0— Pub Quiz Question #3

Who wrote “The Three Sisters”?

0— “Carmilla”

If you’re at all interested in our recent
series on Gothic horror stories – don’t miss
this one.

It has all the usual elements of pale maidens,
ruined castles, graveyards, and mysterious
characters who sleep in the day, then disappear
at night – and have very sharp teeth.

But it’s the first l.e.s.b.i.a.n vampire story,
and seems like a ready-made screenplay for a
Hammer horror movie.

redbtn Carmilla – lesbian vampire

0— Pub Quiz Question #4

Which insects communicate by dancing?

0— “Flush: a biography”

This is a very charming piece of literary
playfulness – the biography of a dog.

But it’s a well known dog – the pet Spaniel of
Elizabeth Barratt Browning, poet-wife of Robert..

Virginia Woolf knew all about dogs, and about the
poet herself. She also had the imagination to show
the world from an animal’s point of view.

redbtn Virginia Woolf – “Flush”

0— Pub Quiz Question #5

Where are the semicircular canals in the body?

0— Manchester, Media City, Digital Age

You might have read that the BBC and other
broadcasters are moving in to new premises at
Manchester’s old dockland at Media City.

It’s certainly a spectacular bit of regeneration
and architectural pazzaz – as these pictures show.

In fact some of the shots make the former Ship
Canal look so glamorous, this series could
double as a recruitment drive. Scroll down to
see the full set.

BBC North opened for business yesterday.

redbtn Salford Quays

0— “The Spoils of Poynton” – a study guide

Henry James is famous for his long and very
serious novels – but this one is short and funny.

The owner of a large country house stuffed with
priceless antiques is forced to hand it on to her
son when her husband dies.

But he is besotted with a vulgar woman who is the
nineteenth century equivalent of an Essex Girl.

A battle of wills takes place over possession of
the house and its contents. Surprise ending …

redbtn The Spoils of Poynton

0— Pub Quiz Question #6

Which is the largest Greek island?

0— “Tales of Mystery and Imagination”

Edgar Allen Poe was master of the Gothic horror story.
Almost every one of his tales comes up with a new way
of frightening you out of your imaginative wits.

One character is in the darkened cell of a prison which
contains a bottomless pit, and whose walls begin to move in,
as a huge sharpened blade descends upon him.

Another commits a brutal murder – only to be given away
by the still-pulsing heart of his victim.

Almost every tale in this collection is told in an
impassioned, almost frenetic manner – but you
will recognise many of the states of being he explores.

redbtn Edgar Allen Poe’s “Tales”

0— Pub Quiz Question #7

What disease is caused by lack of iron in the diet?

0— Acronyms – how to use them

This is a new f.r.e.e guidance note on the use of those
three letter acronyms that litter contemporary writing.

PBR (Public Borrowing Requirement), PCT (Primary Care Trust)

The notes show you when to use capital letters, when to
use lower case, and even how to pronounce the results.

redbtn Acronyms – how to use them

0— Pub Quiz Question #8

Riyadh is the capital of which country?

0— “Oxford Modern English Grammar”

The author of this up-to-date guide to English grammar
starts with the warning that we shouldn’t look in it
for ‘rules’ about never ending a sentence with a

That is a situation up with which he will not put.

He offers a rigorous, almost scientific description of
the way English language actually *works*. This is one
for serious students of language and grammar only.

redbtn Oxford Modern English Grammar

0— Pub Quiz Question #9

What is the scientific name for the windpipe?

0— “Snapshots of Bloomsbury”

Just in case you were feeling deprived of information about
the Bloomsbury Group, this is a collection of their family
photograph albums.

Yes – these are pictures taken by Virginia Woolf and her
sister Vanessa with one of the earliest Kodak cameras.

It’s accompanied by a scholarly essay explaining the
background to many of the shots – most of which feature
people lounging around in gardens in long floppy clothes.

redbtn Snapshots of Bloomsbury

0— Pub Quiz Question #10

What is the currency of Algeria?

0— Pub quiz – ANSWERS

#1. What is the other name for the star Polaris?
ANSWER: The Pole or North star.

#2 On how many tablets were the ten commandments engraved?

#3 Who wrote “The Three Sisters”?
ANSWER: Anton Checkhov

#4 Which insects communicate by dancing?

#5 Where are the semicircular canals in the body?
ANSWER: The inner ear

#6 Which is the largest Greek island?

#7 What disease is caused by lack of iron in the diet?
ANSWER: Anaemia

#8 Riyadh is the capital of which country?
ANSWER: Saudi Arabia

#9 What is the scientific name for the windpipe?
ANSWER: Trachea

#10 What is the currency of Algeria?
ANSWER: The Dinar

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