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Virginia Woolf on Video is something of a tease title, I admit. But this page pulls together film archives and footage of documentaries on Virginia Woolf plus the Bloomsbury Group and their social context, and I hope it will save you many frustrated minutes jumping from one clip to another on YouTube.

Virginia Woolf Biography

Virginia Woolf

This is a professional and well made documentary offering a chronological survey of Virginia Woolf, the Bloomsbury Group, and their historical context – featuring archive phtographs with commentary.

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This biographical study reveals a rich visual record of Virginia Woolf, but it also shows the places where she lived and historical footage of London in the early years of the twentieth century.

The Mind and Times of Virginia Woolf

This is a feature documentary with comments by Hermione Lee, Francis Spalding, Molly Hite, and Nigel Nicolson. This puts rather a lot of emphasis on Woolf’s mental instability.

Virginia Woolf on video Part One
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Mont Blanc pen - Virginia Woolf edition

Mont Blanc pen – the Virginia Woolf special edition

Virginia WoolfThe Cambridge Companion to Virginia Woolf is collection of essays which addresses the full range of her intellectual perspectives – literary, artistic, philosophical and political. It provides new readings of all nine novels and fresh insight into Woolf’s letters, diaries and essays. The progress of Woolf’s thinking is revealed from Bloomsbury aestheticism through her hatred of censorship, corruption and hierarchy to her concern with all aspects of modernism. This book explores the immense range of social and political issues behind her search for new forms of narrative.   Buy the book here

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Virginia Woolf links

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