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the digital hub of Media city Manchester UK

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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to Everyone!

0— Rudolph-Roxanne – Xmas Mashup

A cheesy but then very clever blending of
‘Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer’ and Sting’s
‘Roxanne’. Kicks in after a few moments.

Xmas Mashup

0— Pub Quiz Question #1

How many sheets of paper are there in a ream?

0— GPO Design

The Post Office (GPO, Royal Mail, whatever it’s called)
has always kept a high public profile by using good
designers to produce posters.

Post Early for Xmas and cheery postmen (never women)
are however only part of the picture.

They also projected a pro-commonwealth image to
remind us that a world map was largely coloured red.

These and other issues are discussed in this charming
collection of old GPO posters. Full review here –

Mantex Newsletter GPO Design

0— Pub quiz – Question #2

Which sea lies between Korea and Shanghai?

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Mantex Newsletter

0— Pub quiz – Question #3

What was the Viking name for York?

0— Nina Hamnett – a short biography

Nina Hamnett was known as the ‘Queen of Bohemia’.
She escaped from provincial Wales to become a
celebrated member of the modernist art world
on both sides of the Channel.

She was a painter, she acted as a model for other
artists, and she was promiscuous in distributing
her amorous favours.

That’s the good news. The second part of her life
was a fast decline into sleazy Fitzrovian alcoholism.

Mantex Newsletter Nina Hamnett

0— Pub quiz – Question #4

Who was the god of wine?

0— Strange Flowers – Cool web site

Intriguing, wacky, and very learned blog
from Berlin-based Australian James Conway.

He has a gallery of odd folk and bizarre
facts, plus a great minimalist design.

Mantex Newsletter Strange Flowers

I even spotted a link this week between
one of our new biographies (Dorothy Brett)
and her wayward sister.

Mantex Newsletter Sarawak Job

0— Pub quiz – Question #5

Which city does Tempelhof airport serve?

0— London A-Z in pictures

This is the largest 360 degree panorama in
the world – a stunning 80 Gigapixel collection
of pictures digitally stitched together.

But the real bonus is that you can zoom in to
an astonishing level of detail – even to seeing
people in offices and cafes.

It even contains a ‘naughty bit’ snapped by
accident. They’ve left it in deliberately.

It’s little bit like Google’s Street View –
on steroids.

Mantex Newsletter London 360 Degrees

0— Pub quiz – Question #6

Which year does the Union Jack date from?

0— How to Write … – new series

We’ve started a new series of guidance
notes and tips for writers. It includes
some old favourites as well as newly
commissioned pages.

* How to overcome writer’s block
* How to publish your writing
* How to summarize
* How to take notes
* How to write a letter of complaint
* How to write a newsletter
* How to write a web page
* How to write book reviews
* How to write scientific reports
* How to write the minutes of meetings

Mantex Newsletter How to write …

0— Pub Quiz – Question #7

What was the old colonial name for Ghana?

0— Saxon Sydney-Turner – a short biography

Saxon Sydney Turner is something of a mystery
figure in the history of the Bloomsbury Group.

He was prodigiously clever (double first at
Cambridge) and knew all the major Bloomsbury
figures, but chose to bury himself in an
obscure part of the civil service.

He’s also notorious amongst his fellow
celebrities for sitting through their
animated gossip-choked evenings in
complete silence.

Mantex Newsletter Saxon Sydney-Turner

0— Pub Quiz – Question #8

Toothed and Baleen are examples of what?

0— Visit Rome for Xmas

The Pope has asked me to tell you that he’s
thrown open the most popular part of the
Vatican for Xmas, and invites you all to
have a good look around.

This will save you the trouble of craning
your neck to see the famous ceiling.

Mantex Newsletter Visit the Vatican

0— Pub Quiz – Question 9#

Whose slogan is ‘We Open Governments’?

0— Dorothy Brett – a short biography

Dorothy Brett was an upper-class gel who gave
her parents trouble, but who got into the
Slade School of Art at just the right time.

She met Dora Carrington, became a ‘crophead’,
and joined the fast set centred on Ottoline
Morrell at her Garsington country estate.

Yet Brett remained a virgin until she was forty,
and after that went to live in the artists’
colony in Texas founded by Mabel Dodge Luhan.
And she stayed there for the rest of her life.

Mantex Newsletter Dorothy Brett

0— Web writers required – Now!

You may not be aware of it, but the web is alive
with opportunities for writers. Sites are springing
up everywhere, eager to employ you.

Some of them will even pay you to write their
web pages. Others will let you do the writing,
but then you have to hope for click-through
payments on Google Ads.

Mantex Newsletter Demand Media

Mantex Newsletter Hub Pages

0— Pub Quiz – Question #10

Who wrote ‘Vanity Fair’?

0— Bad Timing – Press Freedom

The US State Department has just announced
that they are due to host the World Press
Freedom Day, May 1-3 next year.

I wonder if they will be inviting Julian
Assange to speak.

Mantex Newsletter Press Freedom

0— Pub quiz – ANSWERS

#1 How many sheets of paper are there in a ream?

#2 Which sea lies between Korea and Shanghai?
ANSWER: The Yellow Sea

#3 What was the Viking name for York?
ANSWER: Jorvik

#4 Who was the god of wine?
ANSWER: Bacchus

#5 Which city does Tempelhof airport serve?
ANSWER: Berlin

#6 Which year does the Union Jack date from?
ANSWER: 1801

#7 What was the old colonial name for Ghana?
ANSWER: The Gold Coast

#8 Toothed and Baleen are examples of what?

#9 Whose slogan is ‘We Open Governments’?
ANSWER: WikiLeaks

#10 Who wrote ‘Vanity Fair’?
ANSWER: William Makepeace Thackery

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