Franz Kafka a bibliography

selected literary criticism and commentary

Franz Kafka a bibliography is a short selection of further reading related to Kafka, his major works, and some of the recent criticism.

Franz Kafka Jeremy Adler, Franz Kafka (Overlook Illustrated Lives), Gerald Duckworth, 2004.

Franz Kafka Mark Anderson. Kafka’s Clothes: Ornament and Aestheticism in the Habsburg Fin de Siecle, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1992

Franz Kafka Louis Begley, The Tremendous Words I have Inside my Head: Franz Kafka: A Biographical Essay, Atlas Illustrated editions, 2008.

Franz Kafka Harold Bloom, Franz Kafka (Bloom’s Major Novelists), Chelsea House Publishers, 2003.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Elizabeth Boa, Kafka: Gender, Class, and Race in the Letters and Fictions, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1996.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Max Brod, Franz Kafka: A Biography, Da Capo Press, 1995.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Max Brod (ed), The Diaries of Franz Kafka, Schoken Books, 1988.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Elias Canetti, Kafka’s Other Trial: The Letters to Felice, Schocken Books, 1989.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Stanley Corngold, Lambent Traces: Franz Kafka, Princeton University Press, 2006.

Franz Kafka a bibliography W.J. Dodd (ed), Kafka: The Metamorphosis, The Trial, and The Castle, London: Longman, 1995.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Carolin Duttlinger, Kafka and Photography, Oxford: Oxford Universit Press, 2007.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Angel Flores (ed), The Kafka Debate, New York: Gordian Press, 1977.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Sander Gilman, Franz Kafka (Critical Lives), Reaktion Books, 2007.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Sander Gilman, Franz Kafka: The Jewish Patient, London: Routledge, 1995.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Richard T. Gray (ed), A Franz Kafka Encyclopedia, Greenwood Press, 2005.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Ronald Gray, Kafka: A Collection of Critical Essays, Prentice Hall, 1962.

Franz Kafka a bibliography James Hawes, Excavating Kafka, Quercus Publishing, 2010

Franz Kafka a bibliography Ronald Hayman, A Biography of Kafka, London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2001.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Franz Kafka, The Blue Octavo Notebooks, Exact Change, 1998.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Franz Kafka, The Trial (Complete Audiobooks), Naxos Audiobooks, 2007.

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Franz Kafka a bibliography Daryl Sharp, The Secret Raven: Conflict and Transformation in the Life of Franz Kafka, Inner City Books, 1982.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Walter H. Sokel, The Myth of Power and the Self: Essays on Franz Kafka, Wayne State University Press, 2001.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Ritchie Robertson, Kafka: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press, 2004.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Ritchie Robertson, Kafka: Judaism, Politics, and Literature, Clarendon Press, 1987.

Franz Kafka a bibliography James Rolleston (ed), A Companion to the Works of Franz Kafka, Camden House, 2006.

Franz Kafka a bibliography Michael Wood, Franz Kafka (Writers and Their Work), Northcote House, 1998.

KafkaThe Cambridge Companion to Kafka offers a comprehensive account of his life and work, providing a rounded contemporary appraisal of Central Europe’s most distinctive Modernist. Contributions cover all the key texts, and discuss Kafka’s writing in a variety of critical contexts such as feminism, deconstruction, psycho-analysis, Marxism, and Jewish studies. Other chapters discuss his impact on popular culture and film. The essays are well supported by supplementary material including a chronology of the period and detailed guides to further reading, and will be of interest to students of Comparative Literature.

Franz Kafka – web links

Kafka Franz Kafka at Mantex
Biographical notes, book reviews and study guides on the major works, video presentations and documentaries, adaptations for cinema and television, and links to Kafka archives.

Franz Kafka web links Franz Kafka at Project Gutenberg
A major collection of free eTexts in a variety of formats – in both English and German.

Franz Kafka web links Franz Kafka at Wikipedia
Biographical notes, social background, survey of the stories and novels, publishing history, translations, critical interpretation, and extensive bibliographies.

Franz Kafka web links Franz Kafka at the Internet Movie Database
Adaptations for the cinema and television – in various languages. Full details of directors, actors, production features, box office, film reviews, and even quizzes.

Franz Kafka video Kafka in Love
Video photomontage featuring portraits of Kafka, his friends and family, and locations in Prague – with a rather schmaltzy soundtrack in Yiddish and English.

Franz Kafka web links Kafka-Metamorphosis
A public Wiki dedicated to Kafka and his work, featuring the short stories, interpretations, and further web links.

Franz Kafka web links Kafka Society of America
Academic group with annual meetings and publications. Also features links to other Kafka-related sites

Franz Kafka web links Oxford Kafka Research Centre
Academic group based at Oxford University that tracks current research and meetings. [Doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2012.]

Franz Kafka web links The Kafka Project
Critical editions and translations of Kafka’s work in several languages, plus articles, literary criticism, bibliographies.

Franz Kafka Tribute to Franz Kafka
Individual fan site (created by ‘Herzogbr’) featuring a collection of texts, reviews, and enthusiast essays. Badly in need of updating, but contains some interesting gems.

Kafka photos Finding Kafka in Prague
Quirky compilation of photos locating Kafka in his home town – with surrealist additions and weird sound track.

Red button Who Owns Kafka?
Essay by Judith Butler from the London Review of Books on the contentious issues of ownership of Kafka’s manuscripts where they are currently held in Israel – complete with podcast.

Red button The Kafka Archive – latest news
Guardian newspaper report on the suitcase full of Kafka and Max Brod’s papers released by Israeli library.

Red button Franz Kafka: an illustrated life
Book review of a charming short biography with some unusual period photos of Kafka and Prague.

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