Web Essay 6 – assignment resources

Student: James Higginson
Course: An Introduction to the Internet

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Katie Hafner, Matthew Lyon, Where Wizards stay up late – Touchstone Publications – 1998

Katz, John, “Mourning the Father of the Internet” – 27/10/98 –
(visited 30 August 2000)

Rodriguez, Karen, “Plenty deserve credit as ‘father’ of the Internet” – 25/10/99
(visited 30 August 2000)

The Corporation for National Research Initiatives, “Robert E Kahn biography” – 18/08/00
(visited 30 August 2000)

Worldcom, “Vinton G Cerf – Personal Prospective”
(visited 30 August 2000)

The Internet Engineering Task Force

Vint Cerf & Robert Kahn, “A Protocol for Packet Network Intercommunication” – May 1974 –
(visited 30 August 2000)

The Internet Society (ISOC)

Robert Hobbes’ Zakon, “Hobbes’ Internet Timeline v5.1” – 01/07/00
(visited 30 August 2000)

Worldcom, “Cerfs Up: Internet History”
(visited 30 August 2000)


Open University – T171 Course Material

N.B. I did email Vint Cerf at http://www.worldcom.com to find out if he is comfortable with the title “father of the Internet”. Unfortunately, as of 01/09/2000, I have not received a reply.

Tutor’s note: Vint Cerf’s very generous reply arrived a few days after the assignment went into the Open University’s inflexible assessment system – but I had already given the student extra points for this initiative. Both of us were justified when Vint Cerf’s assessment turned out to be almost identical to the ‘conclusion’ of the assignment.


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