HTML Tutorial 05 – common problems

1. Everybody runs into technical problems when they first create Web pages. Don’t feel bad about it. Just learn from your mistakes.

2. The most common problems are caused by small details and the need for complete accuracy.

3. Filenames must be spelled accurately. They should not contain any spaces, and some keyboard characters – such as /, &, and @ – are not allowed. [These are reserved for transmitting data over the Web.]

4. It is safest to use all lower-case letters. Some computers will treat filename.htm and Filename.htm as different files.

5. Tags must be opened and closed rigorously. If you type the following, it will not work:

<B>Put this in bold<B>

This is because the tag has not been properly closed with </B>.

6. The same would happen if you were to miss one of the angled brackets – <B>Put this in bold /B>.

7. HTML code must be completely accurate. The following examples all contain mistakes:

<A HREF=”filename.htm>filename</A>


<FONT SIZE =”5″>some text here</FONT>

8. In the first example, one double quote mark is missing; in the second the spelling is incorrect; and in the third, there is a space. The correct codes are:

<A HREF=”filename.htm”>filename</A>


<FONT SIZE=”5″>some text here</FONT>

9. Missing items. It is very easy to omit a small element of code – especially if you are keying it in manually. For instance if you typed –

<A HREF=”filename.htm”filename</A>

– this would not show up on the screen. In fact nothing you typed after it would appear. That’s because the angled bracket is missing after the file name.

10. Bad syntax. Tags must be opened and closed in the correct sequence. The following is an example of incorrect ‘nesting’ of tags.

<FONT SIZE=5><B>big and bold</FONT></B>

This is the correct sequence:

<FONT SIZE=5><B>big and bold</B></FONT>

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