Glossary of text messaging

Text messaging is now a normal part of everyday life. These abbreviations will help you to write common expressions with fewer key strokes or button presses. It was once though that communicating in this way, using a form of code, would reduce people’s standards of literacy. We now know that the opposite is the case: see David Crystal’s excellent defence in Txtg: The Gr8 Db8.

Abbreviation Full expression
@ at
1 one
2 to, too
2day today
2moro tomorrow
2nite tonight
3sum threesome
4 for
AAM as a matter of fact
AB ah bless!
AFAIC as far as I’m concerned
AFAIK as far as I know
AKA also known as
ASAP as soon as possible
ATB all the best
B be
BCNU be seeing you
Bwd backward
B4 before
BBFN bye bye for now
BFN bye for now
BRB be right back
BTDT been there done that
BTW by the way
BYKT but you knew that
C see
CMIIW correct me if I’m wrong
CU see you
CYA see ya!
CUL8R see you later
CW2CU can’t wait to see you
Doin doing
EOL end of lecture
FAQ frequently asked questions
FITB fill in the blank
F2T free to talk
FOAD f*** off and die
FUBAR f***ed up beyond all recognition
Fwd forward
FWIW for what it’s worth
FYI for your information
GAL get a life
Gr8 great
GD&R grinning, ducking, and running
GG good game
HAND have a nice day
H8 hate
HTH hope this helps
Hot4U hot for you
IAC in any case
IAE in any event
IANAL I am not a lawyer (but…)
ICCL I couldn’t care less
ICL in Christian love
IDK I don’t know
IYSS if you say so
IHTFP I have truly found paradise [or]
I hate this f***ing place
IIRC if I recall correctly
ILUVU I love you
ILUVUMED I love you more each day
IMCO in my considered opinion
IMHO in my humble opinion
IMNSHO in my not so humble opinion
IMO in my opinion
IOW in other words
ITYFIR I think you’ll find I’m right
IYKWIM if you know what I mean
JM2p just my two pennyworth
KIT keep in touch
L8 late
L8r later
Luv love
LOL lots of luck [or] laughing out loud
MGB may God bless
MHOTY my hat’s off to you
MMD make my day
MMDP make my day punk!
Mob mobile
Msg message
MYOB mind your own business
NE any
NE1 anyone
NH nice hand
NO1 no one
NRN no reply necessary
OIC oh I see!
OTOH on the other hand
PCM please call me
PITA pain in the arse
PLS please
PPL people
PS post script
QL cool
R are
RGDS regards
ROF rolling on the floor
ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing
RSN really soon now
RU are you?
RUOK are you OK?
SITD still in the dark
SIT stay in touch
SMS short message service
SOHF sense of humour failure
SOME1 someone
Stra stray
SWG scientific wild guess
SWALK sealed with a loving kiss
THNQ thank you
Thx thanks
TIA thanks in advance
TIC tongue in cheek
Ti2GO time to go
TPTB the powers that be
TTFN ta ta for now
TTUL talk to you later
TWIMC to whom it may concern
TUVM thank you very much
U you
UR you are
WAN2 want to
WAN2TLK? want to talk?
W with
Wknd weekend
WRT with respect to
WTTW word to the wise
WYSIWYG what you see is what you get
X kiss
XLNT excellent
YKWYKD you know what you can do
YMMV your milage may vary
YR your
YTLKIN2ME? you talking to me?
YWIA you’re welcome in advance
YYSSW yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever

© Roy Johnson 2009

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4 Responses to “Glossary of text messaging”

  1. negra says:

    what k + s means

  2. mantex says:

    KS = Kill then steal (online gaming)

  3. […] Text messaging is bad enough for youth. Now we are introducing youth to tweeting and destroying grammar! […]

  4. Roy Johnson says:

    Read David Crystal’s book on the subject – it will put your mind at rest:

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