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0— iPhone UK – The Missing Manual

Apple have just sold a million of their new
iPhone 3.0 in three days.

These miracles of modern design and technology
are now virtually a handheld communications
centre. They combine Internet connections,
web browsing, music centre – and of course
are also a mobile phone.

To get your head round so many devices – and
so many deeply nested menus – you will need
a guidance manual. Because you won’t get one
when you buy the phone itself.

This book is the answer. David Pogue is the
master when it comes to these ‘missing manuals’.

They combine clarity of information, user
friendliness, and great design. Every page
has a screenshot – so you know exactly what
each feature should look like,

Mantex Newsletter iPhone: The Missing Manual

0— Pub Quiz Question #1

What sort of animal is a Lippizaner?

0— Manchester Fiction Prize 2009

First prize: UKP 10,000
Deadline for entries: 7th August 2009
Entry fee: UKP 15

The Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan
University is launching The Manchester Fiction
Prize – a new literary competition celebrating
excellence in creative writing.

The Manchester Fiction Prize is open
internationally and will award a cash prize of
UKP 10,000 to the writer of the best short story
submitted. The competition is open to entrants
aged 16 or over; there is no upper age limit.

A bursary for study at MMU will also be awarded
to an entrant aged 18-25 as part of the Manchester
Young Writer of the Year Award.

All entrants are asked to submit a complete short
story of up to 5,000 words in length. The story
can be on any subject, and written in any style,
but must be new work, not published or submitted
for consideration elsewhere. The competition will
be judged by Nicholas Royle, M.John Harrison and
Sarah Hall. The prizes will be awarded at a gala
ceremony, held as part of the 2009 Manchester
Literature Festival.

For further details, and to enter online, go to

redbtn Manchester Writing Competition

0— Pub quiz – Question #2

In which city is Schipol airport?

0— F.r.e.e Fonts

Alexandru Cuibari contacted us recently
to announce his f.r.e.e fonts site.

And very smart it is too.


0— Pub quiz – Question #3

What was a Ducat?

0— Maupassant’s Short Stories

Fans of the short story will know that many of
the modern masters of the short story were
influenced by Guy de Maupassant.

[The aristocratic ‘de’ was phoney by the way.]

He brought a refreshing tough realism to his
treatment of everday life – and usually threw
in a grim or surprising twist to his tales.

This collection includes his most famous story
– ‘The Necklace’ – as well as his most prophetic
– ‘Le Horla’ – which documents a man’s descent
into madness, a fate which was to befall the
author himself as a result of syphilis.

Another ideal choice for holiday reading, but
a classic for devotees of the short story.

redbtn Maupassant Stories

0— Pub quiz – Question #4

What animal is Canada’s official emblem?

0— F.r.e.e Music Site

I have been running a comparison between
two f.r.e.e music stations recently. was previously my station of choice,
and it is still good if you want music chosen
for you which is similar to something you

But the new is even better – because
it sticks to what you have chosen.

The other night I heard Mel Torme’s wonderful
account of Donald Fagen’s ‘The Goodbye Look’
which I’d never heard before.

Within a couple of minute’s I had tracked
down the lyrics, found a YouTube video of the
same performance, and got six hundred plus
tracks from Mel lined up on

It plays them in a continuous stream – and the
ads are mercifully short (for now).


0— Pub quiz – Question #5

What is your pollex?

0— ‘Mashup Patterns’ – new book

Mashup is a term first used in pop music to
describe a song composed entirely of parts
of other songs.

But in the online world of Web 2.0 technology,
it’s a website or a web application which
combines content from more than one source.

Most large scale eCommerce sites grab their
information from a variety of sources and
re-combine it to provide a rich and interactive
experience for the consumer.

This new book looks at the different ways in
which mashups are now used in business.

An ‘alerter’ can be used to warn businesses of
new software releases or product updates, or
compare price fluctuations to identify buying

Similarly, price analysis mashups allow
businesses to keep an eye on competitors and
offer lower prices.

This is one for technophiles and fans of
Enterprise 2.0 business methods.

redbtn Mashup Patterns

0— Pub quiz – Question #6

Who succeeded Anthony Eden as UK prime minister?

0— Vita Sackville-West – ‘The Heir’

Vita Sackville-West is best known as the woman who
had a love affair with Virginia Woolf. But she was
also a best-selling authour in her own time.

This is one of the elegantly produced reprints
from the Hesperus Press. It’s a tale of a man who
unexpectedly inherits a large country house and estate.

He plans to sell the whole estate and retire on
the proceeds. But the charms of traditional country
living begin to grow on him …

Ideal holiday reading, or one for Bloomsbury geeks.

redbtn The Heir

0— Pub Quiz – Question #7

Apart from a dance, what is a Bolero?

0— Stop Motion Film

Have a look at this presentation piece from
Savannah College of Art student Bang-yao Liu.

It shows what you can do with a few books of
Post-It notes and a lot of imagination – Superb!

redbtn Stop Motion Film

0— Pub quiz – Question #8

What is a half hunter?

0— Do you want to see a genuine Flash Mob?

Crowd of dancing MC Hammer fans dressed
in gold lame baggies invade a LA store.

redbtn Flash Mob

0— Pub quiz – Question #9

Which planes were used by the ‘Dam Busters’?

0— ‘Managing Information for Reasearch’ – new edition

Research projects require a great deal of planning
and management of information.

These are not skills many people have at their
fingertips – which might be one reason why this
book has become a best-seller.

It’s also been enlarged and completely re-designed
for this very welcome second edition.

First rate practical help in researching, writing,
and designing theses, dissertations, and research projects.

redbtn Managing Information for Research

0— Pub quiz – Question #10

Arch, Whorl, and Loops are parts of what?

0— Coming soon

The Tradition of Constructivism

Bauhaus (Design)

Chekhov (stories)

0— Pub quiz – ANSWERS

#1 What sort of animal is a Lippizaner?
ANSWER: A horse

#2 In which city is Schipol airport?
ANSWER: Amsterdam

#3 What was a Ducat?
ANSWER: A coin

#4 What animal is Canada’s official emblem?
ANSWER: A beaver

#5 What is your pollex?

#6 Who succeeded Anthony Eden as UK prime minister?
ANSWER: Harold Macmillan

#7 Apart from a dance, what is a Bolero?
ANSWER: A short jacket

#8 What is a half hunter?
ANSWER: A pocket watch

#9 Which planes were used by the ‘Dam Busters’?
ANSWER: Lancasters

#10 Arch, Whorl, and Loops are parts of what?
ANSWER: Fingerprints

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