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Writing for magazines can be both more profitable and less time-consuming than other forms of journalism. But you need to identify your topic of interest and match it to the most suitable publication. These guides will help you to get an idea of the marketplace.

How to Write Articles for Newspapers and Magazines
This guide contains ten chapters dealing with getting started (generating ideas and focusing on the subject), gathering information (fact versus opinion, observation, interview), writing the effective article lead, and a sample query letter when suggesting an article to a publisher. It explains how to write newsworthy and interesting articles, how to do research, journalistic techniques, interviewing strategies, and common grammar, usage, and spelling errors.

Writing for magazines The Writers’ and Artists’ Year Book
It doesn’t matter which branch of journalism, creative writing, or media publishing you wish to pursue, before you have gone very far you will need this book. It’s a compendium of contact details for agents, agencies, editiorial offices, and publishers in all fields. Book and magazine publishers, newspapers, theatrical agents, picture agencies, and publicists. Plus there are essays written by professional writers on everything from selling your manuscripts to dealing with tax problems when you win the Booker Prize. Updated every year.


The Freelance Writer’s Handbook
The subtitle to this guide probably explains its popularity – How to Make Money and Enjoy your Life. Now in a fully updated third edition, this is the essential book for everyone who dreams of making money from their writing. It will appeal to all aspiring writers, whether they want to write as a full time profession, or simply to supplement their existing income through writing. This inspiring guide will also benefit professional writers and journalists who want ideas on how to find new markets for their work.


The Successful Writer’s Guide to Publishing Magazine Articles
This guide gives you the latest trends, how-to instruction, and marketing essentials to write for magazines. If you want to make your dream of extra income, having your own business, seeing your name in print and/or becoming a writer, writing for magazines will do it for you. All you have to do is write and follow some simple recommendations – and of course practise your writing skills.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Magazine Articles
The title sounds slightly offensive, but in fact the advice on offer here is very sensible. It provides advice to aspiring journalists on how to write effective feature articles, and explains how to sell the articles to newspapers, magazines, and trade publications. Suitable for beginners, it explains how to survive as a freelance writer.


Writing Feature Articles: A Practical Guide to Methods and Markets
This shows you how to write articles for a wide variety of newspapers and magazines. It analyses a variety of published articles to show what makes them succeed for their audiences. The book provides information on: formulating and developing ideas; studying the markets and shaping ideas to fit them; researching and organizing material; and matching language and style to the subject matter.


You Can Write for Magazines
From local publications to national magazines, Greg Daugherty takes the mystery out of magazine article writing. Starting with an introduction on how magazines work, the book shows how to land assignments and avoid common mistakes. He also covers technical details such as how manuscripts should be formatted. Concise and readable.


Writing for Magazines
This guide discusses surveying the field, ideas, research, style and structure, selling work, interviewing, supplying pictures and problem solving. It includes a section on electronic aids for the magazine writer. Written mainly for the novice writer. Jill Dick gives hints and tips on how to generate ideas for articles, which markets to aim for, how to start your research, and much more.


The Magazine Writer’s Handbook
For all writers of magazine articles and short stories, this guide provides detailed information about 70 British magazines and comments on many more. The author examines typical issues and offers clear and concise information on many aspects, including subject, readership and payment. There’s also a pre-submission checklist and an expanded chapter listing the ‘small press’ magazines.

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