Nabokov’s Complete Stories

a critical examination of Nabokov's collected stories

Nabokov’s Complete Stories is an analysis of the fifty collected tales included in Nabokov’s Dozen (1959), A Russian Beauty and Other Stories (1973), Tyrants Destroyed and Other Stories (1975), and Details of a Sunsetand Other Stories (1976).

In 1995 Nabokov’s son Dmitri edited and issued a single volume of Nabokov’s complete collected stories. This edition contained stories which had emerged since the author’s death and some very early works that Nabokov himself did not think were worth republishing. Studies and critiques of these earlier works are being added as a supplement here.

•   Introduction

Part I – Apprentice Years: Stories 1924 – 1929

•   A Matter of Chance
•   Details of a Sunset
•   The Thunderstorm
•   Bachmann
•   Christmas
•   A Letter that Never Reached Russia
•   The Return of Chorb
•   A Guide to Berlin
•   A Nursery Tale
•   Terror
•   The Passenger
•   The Doorbell
•   An Affair of Honour
•   The Potato Elf

Part II – The European Master: Stories 1930 – 1939

•   The Eye
•   The Aurelian
•   A Bad Day
•   A Busy Man
•   Terra Incognita
•   Lips to Lips
•   The Reunion
•   Orache
•   Music
•   A Dashing Fellow
•   Perfection
•   The Admiralty Spire
•   The Leonardo
•   The Circle
•   Breaking the News
•   In Memory of L.I.Shigaev
•   A Russian Beauty
•   Torpid Smoke
•   Recruiting
•   A Slice of Life
•   Spring in Fialta
•   Cloud, Castle, Lake
•   Tyrants Destroyed
•   The Visit to the Museum
•   Lik
•   Vasiliy Shishkov

Part III – American Notes: Stories 1940 – 1951

•   The Assistant Producer
•   That in Aleppo Once…
•   A Forgotten Poet
•   Time and Ebb
•   Conversation Piece
•   Signs and Symbols
•   The Vane Sisters
•   Lance
•   Conclusion

Additional Stories

•   Additional stories
Nabokov's complete stories

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