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DH Lawrence critical essaysThese collections of essays and commentary often provide the best evidence of the state of D.H.Lawrence criticism at the time of their publication. The introductions in these works can also provide useful perspectives on Lawrence criticism – especially those in Hoffman/Moore (1953), Spilka (1963), Bloom (1986), and Jackson/Jackson (1988).



Collections of Essays

Frederick J Hoffman and Harry T Moore (eds), The Achievement of D.H.Lawrence, 1953.

Harry T Moore (ed), A D.H.Lawrence Miscellany, 1959.

Modern Fiction Studies 5, (1959) [DHL Number]

Mark Spilka (ed), D.H.Lawrence: A Collection of Critical Essays, 1963.

Ronald Draper (ed), D.H.Lawrence: The Critical Heritage, 1970.

W T Andrews (ed), Critics on D.H.Lawrence, 1971.

Harry Coombes (ed), D.H.Lawrence: A Critical Anthology, 1973.

Leo Hamalian (ed), D.H.Lawrence: A Collection of Criticism, 1973.

Stephen Spender (ed), D.H.Lawrence: Novelist, Poet, Prophet, 1973.

Andor Gomme (ed), D.H.Lawrence: A Critical Study of the Major Novels, 1978.

Anne Smith (ed), Lawrence and Women, 1978.

Robert B Partlow and Harry T Moore (eds), D.H.Lawrence: The Man Who Lived, 1979.

Peter Balbert and Phillip L Marcus (eds), D.H.Lawrence: A Centenary Consideration, 1985.

Jeffrey Meyers (ed), D.H.Lawrence and Tradition, 1985.

Harold Bloom (ed), D.H.Lawrence: Modern Critical Views, 1986.

Christopher Heywood (ed), D.H.Lawrence: New Studies, 1987.

Jeffrey Meyers, (ed) The Legacy of D.H.Lawrence: New Essays, 1987.

Dennis and Fleda Jackson (eds), Critical Essays on D.H.Lawrence, 1988.

Gamini Salgado and G K Das (eds), The Spirit of D.H.Lawrence: Centenary Studies, 1988.

Peter Preston and Peter Hoare (eds), Lawrence in the Modern World, 1989.

Keith Brown (ed), Rethinking Lawrence, 1990.

Michael Squires and Keith Cushman (eds), The Challenge of D.H.Lawrence, 1990.

Aruna Sitesh (ed), D.H.Lawrence: An Anthology of Recent Criticism, 1990.

Peter Widdowson (ed), D.H.Lawrence, [Longman Critical Readers] 1992.

The Complete Critical Guide to D.H.LawrenceThe Complete Critical Guide to D. H. Lawrence is a good introduction to Lawrence criticism. Includes a potted biography of Lawrence, an outline of the stories, novels, plays, and poetry, and pointers towards the main critical writings – from contemporaries T.S. Eliot and E.M. Forster to critics of the present day. Also includes a thorough bibliography which covers biography, criticism in books and articles, plus pointers towards specialist Lawrence journals.

Other genres

Tom Marshall, The Psychic Mariner…The Poems of D.H.Lawrence, 1970.

Sandra M Gilbert, Acts of Attention: The Poems of D.H.Lawrence, 1972.

M J Lockwood, Thinking In Poetry: A Study of the Poems of D.H.Lawrence, 1987. [This book contains a comprehensive bibliography of criticism of Lawrence’s poetry, in books, articles, and reviews]

A Banerjee, D.H.Lawrence’s Poetry: Demon Liberated, 1991.

Sylvia Sklar, The Plays of D.H.Lawrence, 1975.


Sons and Lovers

J.W.Tedlock (ed), Sons and Lovers: Sources and Criticism, 1965.

Julian Moynahan (ed), Sons and Lovers: Viking Critical Edition, 1968.

Gamini Salgado (ed), Sons and Lovers: A Casebook, 1969.

Judith Farr (ed) Twentieth-century Interpretations of Sons and Lovers, 1970.

Brian Finney, D.H. Lawrence: Sons and Lovers, Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1990.

Michael Black, D.H. Lawrence: Sons and Lovers, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992.

Rick Rylance (ed), Sons and Lovers: A New Casebook, 1996.

The Rainbow and Women in Love

Colin Clarke (ed), The Rainbow and Women in Love: A Casebook, 1969.

Stephen Miko (ed), Twentieth-century Interpretations of Women in Love, 1969.

Mark Kinkead-Weekes (ed), Twentieth-century Interpretations of The Rainbow, 1971.

P.T.Whelan, Myth and Magic in The Rainbow and Women in Love, 1988.

Duane Edwards, The Rainbow: A Search for New Life, 1990.

Charles L.Ross, Women in Love: A Novel of Mythic Realism, 1992.

[both these books appear in the Twayne Masterwork Series]

Lady Chatterley’s Lover

C.H.Rolfe, The Trial of Lady Chatterley, 1960.

Derek Britton, Lady Chatterley: The Making of the Novel, 1988.

The Short Stories

Kingsley Widmer, The Art of Perversity: D.H.Lawrence’s Shorter Fiction, 1962.

Keith Cushman, D.H.Lawrence at Work: The Emergence of the Prussian Officer Stories, 1978.

J.Temple, The definition of innocence: the short stories of D.H.Lawrence, 1979.

© Roy Johnson 2004 – with thanks to Damian Grant

D.H.Lawrence – web links

D.H.Lawrence web links D.H.Lawrence at Mantex
Biographical notes, book reviews, study guides, videos, bibliographies, critical studies, and web links.

Project Gutenberg D.H.Lawrence at Project Gutenberg
A major collection of free eTexts of the novels, stories, travel writing, and poetry – available in a variety of formats.

Wikipedia D.H.Lawrence at Wikipedia
Biographical notes, social background, publishing history, the Lady Chatterley trial, critical reputation, bibliography, archives, and web links.

Film adaptations D.H.Lawrence at the Internet Movie Database
Adaptations of Lawrence’s work for the cinema and television – in various languages. Full details of directors, actors, production, box office, trivia, and even quizzes.

D.H.Lawrence D.H.Lawrence archive at the University of Nottingham
Biography, further reading, textual genetics, frequently asked questions, his local reputation, research centre, bibliographies, and lists of holdings.

Red button D.H.Lawrence and Eastwood
Nottinhamshire local enthusiast web site featuring biography, historical and recent photographs of the Eastwood area and places associated with Lawrence.

D.H.Lawrence The World of D.H.Lawrence
Yet another University of Nottingham web site featuring biography, interactive timeline, maps, virtual tour, photographs, and web links.

Red buttonD.H.Lawrence Heritage
Local authority style web site, with maps, educational centre, and details of lectures, visits, and forthcoming events.

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